Indications: Despite the presence of complex solutions for disinfection, storage and
cleaning of soft contact lenses, PUROhydrogel is irreplaceable when using
lenses designed for wearing for more than a month. PUROhydrogel easily
removes sediments of proteins, lipids and other contaminants from every
day use of lenses.

Intended use: The solution is applied for deep cleaning of soft contact lenses.

Ingredients: Sterile isotonic solution containing boric acid, sodium borate, sodium

citrate, sodium chloride, disodium salt of EDTA, non ionic surfactant and

How to use: After washing hands and removing the contact lenses from the eye, apply two (or more) drops of the solution on the lenses.
Clean lenses for 30 sec. and then wash thoroughly with solution "Solex Lux", "Kristalens" or "Univers" and place in a storage container with solution "Solex Lux", "Kristalens" or "Univers".

  • Packaging: 20 ml
  • Shelf life: 36 months