“Artificial tear” Lacrima artificialae

Indications: This product is used for dry red eyes, caused by wearing contact lenses,continuous operation with computer, from air conditioning, pollution /dust, smoke /, visual fatigue.

Intended use: The use of “Artificial tear” is recommended in order to renew the protective tear film surface of the eye and to relieve symptoms of dryness.

Ingredients: Contains cellulose derivatives, lubricants and wetting agents in buffered saline solution.

Effects:“Artificial tear” has lubricating and moisturizing disinfectant properties.

How to use: Before putting the contact lenses in your eyes,apply 1-2 drops of “Artificial tear” on each lens. In case of dry eyes or visual fatigue apply 2-3 drops into each eye three or more times daily.

  • Packaging: 10 ml
  • Shelf life: 36 months